Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My Memorial Day weekend consisted of sitting in Bayonne waiting for crew scheduling to call. It sucks because I can't go far - I was afraid to go shopping in Hoboken for fear they'd call me because it takes almost two hours to get to the airport from there. Public transportation is quite limiting in that regard.

Yesterday I finally got called to do a double turn: Chicago Midway, then Boston. A good crew is what makes or breaks any day at work. I flew with one of my classmates, and a Jersey guy and we had a blast. The service was ridiculously easy now that I've got 4 international trips under my belt. My ISMs would be so proud. The highlight of the day would definitely be after we landed in Boston, the pilot went out and bought a huge tub of clam chowder to share with everyone. And we all know how I feel about clam chowder.

So now I've been released to my days off til Sunday! I'm off to the City tonight to spend some quality time with the B-sisters. Home for my personal high school reunion - meaning I'm going to see the select few that I actually still talk to. Hilary's graduation from high school! They grow up so fast... then I'm back on call Sunday.

Time flies when you're flying :)

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