Monday, August 30, 2010


My foot has finally begun itching. I know that this is good and all, as it is a sign of healing, but I want to take my wooden back scratcher and scratch the &*%$ out of it. Rip me a new one... perhaps digging out a fresh layer of skin with my nails would feel a bit better than leaving the one I have on now???

At the moment I'm down the shore at J's house. Yesterday her, her father and his friend went out to 'shred the gnar' or surf for you non-beach dwellers. Waves were totally kicking with Hurricane (?) Danielle. Don't tell my mom, but I totally went too! I double bagged my sneakered foot and gimped my way out onto the sand with a chair and sat on the beach. I figured if J's dad, a doctor, said it okay then should she find out, I can't get in trouble. And let me tell you, it was glorious. The sun was beginning to set, the sand cooling down... well worth being forced back to crutches that evening.

As for today, it's been kind of awful sitting here looking at the ocean a block away... I'm itching to hit the beach too. For those of you not in the big dirty, the sky is a perfect cloudless blue and it's lets get in the water hot - perfection.

Next week? Maybe? C'mon Doc!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alyssa Hates Crutch.

Good news - I'm in sneakers and hobbling around with ONE crutch. I was trying to go cold turkey, but that really isn't an option when I can't put weight on my whole foot.

On my next 'date' with Doctor, I'll have to express to him that while I'm glad that he moved all my spots on my heel it was rather inconsiderate that he did the ball of my foot at the same time. Both parts are essential to walking, thus cramping my style. My crutch free style!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The treehouse got a hammock and I gimped up here all by myself :)

Like Justin, Been Sitting Here...

I've been sitting here for just over a week now. I'm still 100% crutch-ified and am not mobile on my own two feet. My best friend did come all the way from Rome to visit me; I got to go outside! I practically killed her with her allergies. Oops. I'm still a little sad that I can't go down the shore - no sand and no submersion for the foot. I'm surprised at how much I miss work; I miss my peeps.

It would have been nice of you to come and visit me too. Oh, and yes, that's my passive aggressive nature at its finest.

I found a language school! I'd like to get all excited and tell you all about it but I'm waiting to see if my jobshare request is approved for October.

Waiting to heal, waiting for September to come, waiting waiting waiting.

However, two boxes showed up for me today... I wonder what's inside! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shopping Via the Internet

I may not be able to carry things while hobbling around on my crutches. This also impedes my ability to shop in the real world. So today, I decided that if there are things in this world I need - such as season 2 of How I Met Your Mother and 3 of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - that I shall make them come to me! Thank you on line shopping forums for making my dreams come true.

AND hopefully I'm drugged up enough to not remember ordering anything and will be pleasantly surprised when everything arrives :)

Prognosis? I still can't put weight on my foot. But I most certainly bathed today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Hate Feet

So here's a snap shot of my fathers fine bandaging work. It doesn't hurt for him to remove the old dressing or apply the ointment - thank God. I just can't do it myself...

I still can't walk without crutches but I'm healing.

Dating a Doctor

I have great admiration for doctors and nurses. Mostly because the sight of blood or gore makes me queasy. Super queasy. Prior to my surgery, the nurse was having a difficult time putting the iv in my hand and I started seeing stars and needed a cold wet rag for my forehead, like a weenie. I can't help it! I get that woozy feeling and it's game over.

So last night I had a 'date' with a doctor... I'm pretty sure the preferred word is 'appointment' considering his office staff arranged it, he's seen me in a legally drug induced state, and my father was there. Anyway, on my big date with the doctor, he removed the dressing and was trying to get me to take a look at the wound. I started to peer around at the bottom of my foot and bam! Guess who's seeing stars?

My only conclusion from all this is that I either a) simply HAVE to date a doctor who can deal with my ability to faint at the sight of blood and can be a man about it or b) at the very least, date someone who can deal with gore, regardless of his degree. Just another thing to add to my list of deal breakers ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Yous Guys

I know you got married last weekend. Congratulations. It's something that I know you've wanted for a very long time and a person you've searched your whole life for, and I truly wish you both the best.

I know you put in a offer on a house - that's awesome! I hope its up to your standards, I know you wouldn't have put in the offer it if wasn't, but moreover, I know you'll make it into a wonderful home for you and your significant other to share. Enjoy your vacation and happy birthday.

I'm still hopped up on vicodin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Hopped Up

I had minor foot surgery on Friday. I was sent home on crutches (only fell twice!) and vicodin. I'm out on sick leave for just over two weeks, and will return to yet another reserve line. I'm hoping for my job share request to be granted for October, but that's another consideration for a different day. At the moment I'm planning on putting together 6 days off next month and going on vacation - but where to? Suggestions? Ideas thus far: Lisbon, southern Italy, Greek islands. Bring it! I've got plenty of time to plan.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Left Coast Envy

A few days ago, I picked up the long SNN layover with my good friend Lady Craver. There are currently three different SNN trips in the system - regular with 24 hours, the long which is over 30 hours, and then the four day with 48 hours. My friend Justin happened to be on the four day, on day three when I arrived at the layover hotel at 8 am on the long 3 day. He happened to be in the lobby getting ready to go on the big Cliffs of Moher tour so I decided to forgo my very precious sleep and join him!

Cliffs of Moher has to be on the most amazing places I've ever been in my life - it was stunning. I loved every minute of it and have truly fallen in love with Ireland. It never ceases to amaze me when these foreign destinations make the transition from places I've heard of once in a book to making me feel like home inside. I'm curious to see if the east coast of Ireland can ever get there too... ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Found Glory

bored, walking on the board
New Jersey Shore
if I come to New York
can I sleep on your floor?
been living out of a suitcase
on the motel floor
and running up the tab
at the corner store
at the corner store.

so barely walking on the boardwalk
when summer gets along
your hair gets too long
picking up the habit
so long before 4
when July is gone
I'll be 24
and not anymore
and not anymore

New Jersey Shore

And then,
not anymore

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So yesterday I hung out with a college friend of mine - let's call him Dr. A.H. He finishes up with med school and begins his residency sometime in the spring of next year. I was lamenting to him that everyone else is doing all these big kid things like getting married and buying houses; meanwhile neither of us have a significant other, nor prospects of one. Then again, our standards are a bit high - he wants someone who cooks and I want to be a kept woman, you know, those ones that do lunch. But we're also in places in our lives where its not exactly practical to settle down. His next "semester" is in Orlando and I find out on August 15th if I've been granted another job share and can start planning my move! It wouldn't be fair for either of us to pay mortgages on houses we don't live in or date people we don't actually see on a semi-regular basis. Someday. Maybe its sooner than I think...