Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Mother's Dream Vacation

Here's a list of all the places Janel and I have eaten at here in London:

Plateau at Canary Wharf (fish and chips, cheese plate, assorted appetizers, Bellini)
The Getti near Piccadilly Circus (bruschetta, chicken, Getti Blu drink, pasta with zucchini and eggplant, brownie and vanilla ice cream)
The Green Man at Great Portland (fish and chips, mushy peas!, Fosters, a pitcher of Pimms and lemonade, onion rings)
Japanese cream puffs on Oxford, past the M&S if you're walking away from the Circus (cream puffs: original and cookie)
Gordon's Chinese food in Chinatown a block away from Piccadilly (spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, chicken fried rice, Peking duck)
French crepe stand across from Westminster and Big Ben (lemon and sugar, nutella crepe)
gelato from some Italian place on Regent Street (straticella, cookies and cream)
and tequila sunrises at the hotel bar (and a chocolate and vanilla cheesecake for dessert)

I would like to point out that we have not eaten at any American eatery; no BK Lounge, Friday's, Hard Rock, Ben and Jerry's, Texas Embassy BBQ.
AND I have two more days here.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Why My Job is Cooler Than Yours

I have just arrived at JMC's in London. I had a big, business first seat and I payed about a tenth of the cost of a main cabin seat. I was severely spoiled by the veal dish which is fantastic, and a lovely ice cream sundae for dessert. No worries though; I'll be riding in the cheap seats on the way home.

Did I meantion that I don't go back to work until the 4th? For those of you trying to do the math, that would be 9 days off. In a row.

I sure am one happy camper :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pink Eye and No One Cares

I woke up on day three of a pseudo five day with what I thought was pink eye. My van was at 6 pm, and I was up in a "oh my gosh I have pink eye" frenzy at 8 am. I called my mom, I called my doctor, I left messages with my supervisor.... long story short, I just pulled an eye lash out of my eye and the burning has ceased. Last week I learned that you always take a shower prior to leaving the hotel. This week, I learned that you should call the pharmacy prior to walking a million blocks in downtown Arlington, VA to make sure that they do indeed have your prescription a) in stock and b) ready to go.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drunk Blogging...?

Most of you drunk dial. I know this; I have received them. I, however, have picked this lovely eve to 'drunk' post. I will admit that I've had a few beers and am in no state to drive (like I have a car). I do, however, have the munchies and the only thing I can think of is dollar Yuenglings and grease trucks. Oh how I miss Rutgers. Obviously, I sat in the airport for four hours and got nothing (except for tipsy in Bayonne). I lucked out; one of the girls who was sitting was assigned AA for the next day! Oh that 'screw' scheduling. So now I'm on page three of "the list" and will see what happens in the morning. I know, my life, it's so exciting.

Here's the song I'm listening to. I found it fitting:

I took the 405 and drilled a stake down into your center,
And stated that it's never ever been better than this.
I hung my favorite shirt on the floorboard,
wrinkled up from pulling pushing tasting.
You keep twisting the truth that keeps me thrown askew.
Misguided by the 405 'cause it lead me to an alcoholic summer.
I missed the exit to your parents' house hours ago.
Red wine and the cigarettes... hide your bad habits underneath the patio.

~Death Cab for Cutie

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Going to AA

No, I am not going to Alcoholics Anonymous (though I do know a few of you who should be, and of course I would go for moral support). Rather, I'm off to airport alert. That's the third time this month for those of you keeping track. I'd love to bring my laptop to pass the time, work on my recurrent flight attendant training; but, if they send me someplace very south (Mexico, Peru) security there will confiscate it. Hopefully they'll send me someplace cool and I'll have a fabulous story to share when I get back days from now. Only time will tell.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Coming Soon to a Super Wawa Near You... Not

For the first time in the six years since I have been driving, I pumped my own gas. It was gross, dirty, and smelly. And I almost spilt gas on my new red heels. But I did it! Like a grown up. I also have a new found respect for the gas pumpers here in the Garden State. Don't look for me at the new Super Wawa part time in the Twp; I'd rather pour the cokes, thank you.

Going to LA for the weekend gave me a taste of what life is like as a commuter, and its hard. As a reserve, with only ten days off a month, its hard enough to maintain a life in Jersey, let alone elsewhere. I guess it would be different if I held a line, especially in the international base. I just have to remind myself that someday I'll have a real schedule, I'll know where I'll be and where I'm going. Until then, you'll just have to keep up :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Take It Easy!

In June, I clocked over 100 hours. It was awesome... on pay day. This month, I'm half way through and at 40 hours, and it's nice to take a break and relax. I saw Harry Potter, I went to the city twice to dine with my lovely cousin and roomie from Rutgers. Tomorrow, I'm heading to LA to see my good friend from the 7th grade to finish out the weekend. And, at the end of the month, I'm going to London for a week (two more weeks JMC!). I hop on a plane the way you people go to Wawa for milk. Exciting, I know.

I'm a little nervous about going to LA though. I'm renting a car, and the facts suggest that I have never pumped gas. But neither have those little people on TLC! NJ and OR are the only two states where it is illegal to pump your own gas. For those of you who will be with me this weekend, I'd love a crash course in Gas Pumping 101. Then I'll be writing a letter to the law makers in Trenton, thanking them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Senior Mama!

So I was the load on the 7-5 for three days. Long time. Hotel in LA sucked. First crew was annoying. Had two male flight attendants try to give me their number... flew with a neub, which was annoying. I was annoyed because she had failed to do her homework ahead of time and did not know what her job was. Life on the aircraft is so much easier when people do their job. It also made me stop and acknowledge that I've been flying for almost four months! I am no pro, nor expert, but it showed me how much I've grown as a flight attendant. I almost felt senior.

On that 'ancient' note, the rumor mill about my airline opening a west coast base (LAX!) has been working double time. El Presidante has said it himself, #2 who was on my flight said it, they're telling people during the interview process, and with the new Dreamliners coming online... anything is possible. It would be a super senior base; here, I could enter the magical land of holding a line! Then again, would I leave Jersey? Maybe... but only if he was one hell of a kisser!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

EWR 2 LAX... SFO, LGW too

Usually I try to pick something up; yesterday, I decided to wait it out. I'm glad I did because I got a night in LA and one of my favorites, San Fran. I'll only be there for the short layovers, but I'll still be there, yards away from In-N-Out. That's what their hamburgers' all about. Who's excited??? I AM.

Did I mention I was going to LA for the weekend a week from now? Oh, I'm going. To London at the end of the month too. What can I say? I need a vacation. Or two. More to come about my exciting existence.

Friday, July 6, 2007

So Delicious, He's Fictitious!

Being a flight attendant is fun when:
a) you see people you know at work. It's not that you actually work with them, you just say hi in the crew room or as you cruise the cat walk, er, terminal. Makes the airport feel homely as opposed to lonely.
b) you get to hear other people's crazy love lives and issues with their husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends/partners/friends with benefits/etc.

Its so funny to me how these people just randomly open up:

"He's such a momma's boy! I can't believe he'd rather be with his parents in his twin bed at home. He's 35!"
"I can't believe what a slut she was! I was flying with the FO she was also banging. Whore."
"Oh, you're lucky. My husband sits at home, pretends to watch the kids and drinks lots of beer."

Its fun to fly with these crazy people and hear their stories. I suppose the only thing that makes me sad is when I tell them about my man. He's name is Fictitious; lives in the city, has a puppy, and loves to travel. The most amusing part has to be watching them think to themselves... "Fictitious, now that's a funny name"

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth! Love, Scheduling

This week, scheduling hates me. Airport alert, twice. And now I'm afraid to leave my apartment for fear of being called to go to work. Imagine that for all you non-flight attendants, only working when they call you to do so. I guess that means today I'll be hanging out in town; my cool flight attendant complex is going to have its annual roof top bbq. Exciting - although rumor has it we're expecting thunder showers later tonight and all day tomorrow. I have yet to hear the Bayonne HS band outside my window, so there may not be a parade today. I'm so disappointed. Nothing says patriotism like the town parade.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Guess who has airport alert again??? Tonight from 1900 to 2300. Convient for the shuttle, which is nice. There are two open pairings (flight attendant for trips) one London and a Tel Aviv. Last time I sat airport abuse, I went to Seattle where it was actually sunny. So we'll see. Maybe I'll end up someplace with fireworks! I'm sure Bayonne has some sort of parade going down tomorrow too... let's hope I'm somewhere without.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Dear Airport Bathroom Designer,

I believe, along with scores of travelers, that you have failed in your mission to design facilities for the air traveler. Tiny lavs on an aircraft is one thing; Boeing only makes the fuselage so big. Terminal space is another issue. I see that you have gone to the extremes for retail space and the food court. How about enough room to get my suitcase in the stall with me? As the TSA constantly reminds us all, we are not to leave our baggage unattended. Translation: travelers need to fit their crap with them in the stall and you, Airport Bathroom Designer, have failed to allocate enough room for us to do so. Moreover, your design fails to acknowledge the unfortunate issue that more than half of all Americans are obese. I'm not even overweight and I don't have enough room. Therefore, upon much consideration, I have failed your design in EWR, IAH, MSP, SEA, LGA, RDU, MCO, CLE, ORD, MIA... I'm sure there's more. And should I come across a design that doesn't completely suck, I'll let you know.

Better luck next time (hopefully),