Monday, July 2, 2007


Dear Airport Bathroom Designer,

I believe, along with scores of travelers, that you have failed in your mission to design facilities for the air traveler. Tiny lavs on an aircraft is one thing; Boeing only makes the fuselage so big. Terminal space is another issue. I see that you have gone to the extremes for retail space and the food court. How about enough room to get my suitcase in the stall with me? As the TSA constantly reminds us all, we are not to leave our baggage unattended. Translation: travelers need to fit their crap with them in the stall and you, Airport Bathroom Designer, have failed to allocate enough room for us to do so. Moreover, your design fails to acknowledge the unfortunate issue that more than half of all Americans are obese. I'm not even overweight and I don't have enough room. Therefore, upon much consideration, I have failed your design in EWR, IAH, MSP, SEA, LGA, RDU, MCO, CLE, ORD, MIA... I'm sure there's more. And should I come across a design that doesn't completely suck, I'll let you know.

Better luck next time (hopefully),


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