Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EWR, 757, TPK

I saw the COOLEST thing ever driving past the airport today. Under normal circumstances, airplanes land parallel to the turnpike. Its cool because they are landing and taking off next to you as you're cruising down the pike at 80 mph. However, today it was obsurdly windy on the field and the planes were landing PERPENDICULAR to the pike! I was coming over the turnpike bridge from the Jersey City area, facing the airport and a 757 was coming in for a landing, gear down and everything. Then it started to make a big turn towards the bridge, as though it was diverting. I continued over the bridge, turned onto the turnpike south and the next thing I knew a 757 was 30 feet above the turnpike and landed! Not something you see everyday, even in EWR, even as a flight attendant.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its Not Easy Being Green

Now that I haven't been to work in almost five days, I'm kind of beginning to miss the airport.

My favorite part about Newark Liberty International Airport, aside from the electric cart drivers, is the large billboard that stares at you when you exit security through C-2. Its a snapshot of Kermit the Frog, looking all Kermy like, and the caption is "Eats Flies. Dates a Pig. Hollywood Star."... and I love it. Everyday without fail, it makes me smile. There's something so magical in his warm and gentle eyes. It makes me wish I really was Miss Piggy, which is something I haven't felt since I was four years old. Kermit the Frog is quite the catch, Miss Piggy. We should all be so lucky.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh Canada...

I must admit, the coolest part of my last trip was when I landed back in the States from YYZ. For those of you who are airport code-ly challenged, YYZ is Toronto. All Canadian airports begin with the letter Y (Why? I don't know). It was exciting because I had a bunch of messages from my various peeps - Ke, my college roomie, current roomie, and Mommy (sorry, assonance is fun in the am). It was nice to know that in 18 hours there was a heard of people just waiting to talk to me. And now that I've been home for two days, the damned thing hasn't rang once.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Perhaps Chivalry Is Dead

As a flight attendant, there very few opportunities when someone is actually willing to help me with my bags. My roller weighs a metric ton with all of my sundry beauty products, a blow dryer, snow boots - you know, in case they send me someplace chilly. A few weeks ago, I flew with a straight male load that offered to put my bag in the overhead bin for me, and I just looked at him dumbfounded and confused. Its just not behavior that I'm used to from strangers.

This morning I was getting into the shuttle and there was a gentleman, with dreads, getting on as well. He was neither flight attendant nor pilot; as I was beginning to put my stuff in the back, he offered a hand which I greatly accepted. As we were getting in the van, post thanks, this was the conversation:

me: Such chivalry in the morning!
him: Yeah, it sure is chilly.

Do you think he didn't hear me? Or that he was completely unaware as to what, exactly, chivalry is? Amusing none the less.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crash Landing at Heathrow

This could have been a whole lot worse. Kudos to the flight attendants for doing their job as best as the situation permitted.

BA 777 Lands Short

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pictures of You

Next time you're on the MyFace, check out the pictures. I find it amusing that people in the airline industry have pictures of themselves at work - myself included (its cute, I'm in the overhead bin). I've seen shots of flight attendants standing in front of the aircraft, or sitting in the engines... making funny faces in the galley or playing with the emergency equipment. Pilots sitting in their respective chairs, or doing the walk around. I highly doubt there are stock traders out who's profile pics are of them on the trading floor, or suits standing literally on Wall Street, or teachers in front of their chalkboards. Garbage men on their trucks... or astronauts on the space station!

Well, now that's just showing off.

PS- This post was totally inspired by Mr. The Cricket. Cute pic by the way ;)

Monday, January 14, 2008

It Really IS Abuse

Of course I was assigned airport alert for last night, beginning at 9 pm. Surprisingly enough, there were a fair amount of flight attendants downstairs and we had a mini airport alert party which was fun. Until everyone else's four hours were up. I talked to my f/a bff for a good 45 minutes; that was exciting. That brought me to about 10:30. I talked to one of the girls from my training class, but she left at 11. Finally, I pulled out my computer and this is the part when I bitch about how horrible the internet is in the crew room. It's slower than dial up in 1997. I popped in a movie - Mystery Men, which is totally one of my all time faves. At midnight, the two international reserves got released. Like scheduling actually called them and said you may go home. When I talked to them they said no. I called back five minutes later because Ponce, our last flight of the day, had taken off and I was very polite and asked them if it had or not. They said I had to wait to be released by the actual domestic scheduler, which is crap because I know I've talked to that guy before. Whatever. But then they made me sit there for another 1/2 hour after everyone else had gone home and I was left with all the sleeping, creepy commuters who refuse to get crash pads. They finally called at 12:33 and I was released. I caught the free cab home and was in the door by one, in bed by 1:10 and didn't wake up til 11 this am. Moreover, I am not on the list for today; at least I got a free day off for my troubles at abuse.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Go Google Yourself

Out of shear boredom, I googled the phrase "flight attendant blog" to see what would come up. I was shocked and deeply hurt when my blog was not the first to come up. You can bet your bright eyes that I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the over paid folks at Google to correct this injustice. Anyway, this blog did come up and I'm jealous:

Melissa's Flight Attendant Blog

She's way cooler than me. I think I might be able to anti up once I start flying international. I can't compete on the FL turns and endless hours of airport alert... I just can't!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shop til you Drop

One of my favorite parts about this job is the quality shopping. I rarely go shopping by myself when I'm home, with the exception of Target and ShopRite. But when I'm out on a trip, I simply love it. I know that all over the country we have the same stores - everyone has a Macy's, New York & Company, Express, Nine West, etc. There's just something about buying things elsewhere that thrills me. I get the coolest stuff not in Jersey and always hunting for a deal. My roommates are the queens of discount shopping and I have a lot to learn... I'm pretty sure I spent more on this last trip than it was worth! But I did find a gorgeous dress, new shoes for work, a sweater because supposedly its winter where I live, and a new book for $4! Now I'm off to shop with the roomie, the Yoda of shopping, then its home to PHL for shopping with the Sister and Mom. Shopping with Mom is the best - she buys you things! ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Go Knights!

I personal dropped to spend more time with Boyfriend; well worth it. En route to my gate, he jokingly scolded me for never working. This coming from a pilot who has 17 days off this month. So when I got back, I decided to beat the odds and pick up a trip! There were only two trips that I was remotely interested in picking up: the Rutgers charter worth an hour and a half and this 12 hr three day with PBI/TPA layovers. Even though I do hail from the Banks, I opted not to go for the charter because the coach is an ass and a half and that's even when RU does win. (I feel this is an appropriate time for a disclaimer that flight attendants are evil rumor spreaders. I know I personally feel that it is important to share the information given to me... like Mr. Yawn and Canoodle on the jumpseat - he's gay! But that's a different story for another time. As for the Rutgers coach, I have heard less than stellar things). Therefore, I went for the three day because that's how many days I was good for and 25 hours in PBI sounded like a good idea at the time. And now I'm on hour number 10 and bored silly. I went shopping - guess who dropped a pants size?! I ate, had two glasses of vino, finished the DaVinci Code which I admit was kind of a disappointment in the end. I took a bath, you know, after my nap. I guess this means I'm off to sit here in my newly renovated room, complete with flat screen, with my new dress on and admire the wonders that is me. ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

If I Didn't Laugh, I'd Cry

MCO turn you ask?

No, worse.

Sarasota turn.

Tomorrow, I'm on minimum fly and I hope to be released in the early afternoon so I can go see Boyfriend. He's cute.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Big Barrel O' Fun!

Totally got MCO turn #3 lined up for tomorrow. I'm about to reach that point where I'm going to see the people who I flew there and back initially. That's when they ask questions. Is this your normal route? Do you always go to Orlando? Will you be here next week? Can I set you up with my grandson?