Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ode to Laura Geller

This is Laura Geller, she is a leading pioneer in the make up industry with her baked line. I was first introduced to Laura's products from my mother, who's a big QVC fan. When I first started flying, I needed a light foundation that would last all day and instead of investing in my own make up, I commandeered whatever I could find from my mom's collection. Laura Geller's Balance N Brighten, is the only powder foundation I will put on my face. It gives me flawless coverage, lasts all day and all night until I get to Europe and I would recommend this product to anyone.

In my crazy October non-reving month of fun, somewhere in my travels, I lost my make up bag, containing my Laura Geller Balance N Brighten. I was so distraught, I just replaced a few pieces from my local pharmacy including a powder foundation not made by Laura. These other products are awful compared to the weightlessness and perfect color match to my natural skin tone, regardless of how tan I am. After my last trip, I came home and ordered another Balance N Brighten and am patiently waiting for it to arrive.

It should get to my house by the time I get home from Tel Aviv.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Two weeks ago I worked my first real trip as a line holder (like that stinky turn counts!). Rome, b-zone galley, meaning I was responsible for feeding ten people and the flight deck. We got into our hotel rooms by 10, I was out sight seeing by 3 and spent two hours crying in St. Peters. Lucky for me, my best friend, J, who speak-a di Italiano is coming with me for my second Rome trip tomorrow. I know for sure she won't let me wonder around the Vatican crying all day. There should at least be some pictures this time. This trip is also going to be different than any other because I'm leaving her there for the next six weeks while she studies the language. I more than likely won't see her again till December.

Up next on the AMC trip list is a Tel Aviv departing October 31 with a few friends of mine. I'm looking forward to seeing where Jesus carried the cross, the Wailing Wall, AND EATING EVERYTHING. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE FOOD.

For the month of November, my job share partner bid Honolulu. I have two on my line and they conflict with my original plans for the month but as my parents have ingrained in me - work comes first. I'll just HAVE to go to Honolulu instead. Life's so hard, right?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turnin and Burnin

Sunday, I had the pleasure of working the EWR-IAH-EWR turn on the fancy Boeing 777. We are all well aware of my true feelings towards turns - I have an extreme distaste for them. I picked this particular trip up for a few reasons:

1. I had to get my line value as close to 55 hours as possible; I had 9 hours to play with and open time was not looking good.
2. I would be working first class aisle
3. Sunday, quiet morning crowd, back by 4 then off to Mo's for dinner/sleep over.

In the end, I'm not sure if it was worth it.

When I arrived at the gate, a prompt 10 minutes early, there was no aircraft to be found. It had to be towed in from the ballpark, and arrived about 20 minutes late. The entire Texas Southern football team was going home on my flight; they had just lost to Rutgers (for their homecoming game!) 0-42. I did my best to behave, especially because the dean and athletic coach were seated in my cabin. I was so upset that I didn't have my Rutgers pin on my apron. Its on there now.

We arrived in IAH 45 minutes late, quickly were cleaned and boarded. Once we finished boarding, they announced that there was a problem with one of the cargo doors and we were now indefinitely delayed. I was mildly concerned because I didn't pack anything; I just had my manual. No clean underpants, no pjs, no nothing. Instead of worrying, I ate, took a nap and before I knew it, it was time to board again. The flight going back was smooth, and we arrived in EWR two hours late. I ended up going right back home and won't see Mo til Thursday.

It's days like this that make me thankful to be internationally based and I will most definitely be avoiding turns. They're just not worth it. I left my house at 4:15 am and got home 16 hours later. While the turn was worth more than a day of substituting, the 4th grade was just as well behaved and is 8 minutes from my house. When my best friend J told me she was thinking about quiting if she didn't get the leave, I wasn't really sure why. I felt her pain on Sunday. I am so thankful to be in the international base, a fancy line holder, but most importantly, to be going to ROME tonight!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kudos to Teachers

Now that I'm a FANCY LINE HOLDER, I have a fair amount of free time and to keep myself occupied I substitute teach. I did it a few times last school year and this was my first week back. I did AP Spanish at the high school in my town, 4th grade at a Catholic school, and multiple people in the elementary school in my neighborhood.

AP Spanish was cake, the students were all rocket surgeons. Being in Catholic school brought back some suppressed memories of my own experiences in the 6th grade, but the kids were good and I had three prep periods. These past two days in public school have opened my eyes to the beauty and grace and extreme disciple that Catholic education provides their students, and it was not because they were any smarter or that the students weren't dealing with the same learning or emotional disabilities or handicaps. They were expected to behave and perform; and they did. I can't put my finger on what makes the difference - maybe Jesus makes all the difference! But it's there, its real, and I'm a firm believer in Catholic education.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Recently, I became a member of the cool line holders club. This means that for the month of October, at the very least, I'm a fancy line holder. I've been talking about the reserve v. line holder schedule since the beginning of my flying career and the day has finally come. In fact, we're days into the bid month and I've slept with my phone off. I've turned my phone off during the day. This unending sense of panic and stress of "oh no! I'm having a good day... scheduling might call!" is gone. The feeling of freedom is unparallel. They're so desperate for flight attendants to reduce their schedules, take leaves, etc that as long as my partner wants to share I'm golden. More importantly, I'm thankful. So thankful to have a real schedule all month. It feels GLORIOUS and yes, you reserves out there hold on and be patient because just like puberty, it will happen to you too. (I'm pretty sure that's more of a girl issue, but inevitable none the less).

What trips are on my fancy line? TWO ROMES AND A TEL AVIV. Pictures to come. I have a IAH turn first up to make sure I maximize my hours. Moreover, my last trip was September 11; I went to Shannon. I don't go back to flying until the 11 (the turn). Rome on the 13th.

Why, Alyssa, that's a lot of free time you may be saying. And it is - a whole month! I hung out in Philly a few nights, I went to Orlando, I was on retreat last week and if there's anyone out there interested in John Paul II's teaching on the what Catholics believe please email me and I'll point you in the right direction. As for this week coming up, I'm substitute teaching starting with HS Spanish tomorrow. I didn't go to HS Spanish when I took it a decade ago let alone be remotely qualified to instruct. Tuesday, I'm off to the fourth grade at JPII (divine, right?), followed by a two day stint at the elementary school in my neighborhood.

And Friday I shall rest.