Sunday, October 4, 2009


Recently, I became a member of the cool line holders club. This means that for the month of October, at the very least, I'm a fancy line holder. I've been talking about the reserve v. line holder schedule since the beginning of my flying career and the day has finally come. In fact, we're days into the bid month and I've slept with my phone off. I've turned my phone off during the day. This unending sense of panic and stress of "oh no! I'm having a good day... scheduling might call!" is gone. The feeling of freedom is unparallel. They're so desperate for flight attendants to reduce their schedules, take leaves, etc that as long as my partner wants to share I'm golden. More importantly, I'm thankful. So thankful to have a real schedule all month. It feels GLORIOUS and yes, you reserves out there hold on and be patient because just like puberty, it will happen to you too. (I'm pretty sure that's more of a girl issue, but inevitable none the less).

What trips are on my fancy line? TWO ROMES AND A TEL AVIV. Pictures to come. I have a IAH turn first up to make sure I maximize my hours. Moreover, my last trip was September 11; I went to Shannon. I don't go back to flying until the 11 (the turn). Rome on the 13th.

Why, Alyssa, that's a lot of free time you may be saying. And it is - a whole month! I hung out in Philly a few nights, I went to Orlando, I was on retreat last week and if there's anyone out there interested in John Paul II's teaching on the what Catholics believe please email me and I'll point you in the right direction. As for this week coming up, I'm substitute teaching starting with HS Spanish tomorrow. I didn't go to HS Spanish when I took it a decade ago let alone be remotely qualified to instruct. Tuesday, I'm off to the fourth grade at JPII (divine, right?), followed by a two day stint at the elementary school in my neighborhood.

And Friday I shall rest.


The Flying Pinto said...

OMG!!! Congrats...I remember my first line...I felt like it was X-mas morning, and my birthday x 100!!! Woohooo....I feel your joy;-)

cityhopper said...

Great blog! That's great that you're jobsharing for the winter, international reserve is excruciating this time of year! Enjoy your line, you lucky girl! :)

Jaggu said...

hi, cam to your blog while browsing. Good to know that you work in New Jersey. I also stayed for while in Jersey and used to work in NY city. I love that place.
Anyway welcome to my blog.

The Friendly Skies said...

congratsssss!!!! I too am a constant reservist for my airlines but have had a line a glorious random 5 months. (October being one of them.) It is like working a totally different job. Enjoy it!!!!