Monday, October 26, 2009


Two weeks ago I worked my first real trip as a line holder (like that stinky turn counts!). Rome, b-zone galley, meaning I was responsible for feeding ten people and the flight deck. We got into our hotel rooms by 10, I was out sight seeing by 3 and spent two hours crying in St. Peters. Lucky for me, my best friend, J, who speak-a di Italiano is coming with me for my second Rome trip tomorrow. I know for sure she won't let me wonder around the Vatican crying all day. There should at least be some pictures this time. This trip is also going to be different than any other because I'm leaving her there for the next six weeks while she studies the language. I more than likely won't see her again till December.

Up next on the AMC trip list is a Tel Aviv departing October 31 with a few friends of mine. I'm looking forward to seeing where Jesus carried the cross, the Wailing Wall, AND EATING EVERYTHING. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE FOOD.

For the month of November, my job share partner bid Honolulu. I have two on my line and they conflict with my original plans for the month but as my parents have ingrained in me - work comes first. I'll just HAVE to go to Honolulu instead. Life's so hard, right?

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