Friday, October 9, 2009

Kudos to Teachers

Now that I'm a FANCY LINE HOLDER, I have a fair amount of free time and to keep myself occupied I substitute teach. I did it a few times last school year and this was my first week back. I did AP Spanish at the high school in my town, 4th grade at a Catholic school, and multiple people in the elementary school in my neighborhood.

AP Spanish was cake, the students were all rocket surgeons. Being in Catholic school brought back some suppressed memories of my own experiences in the 6th grade, but the kids were good and I had three prep periods. These past two days in public school have opened my eyes to the beauty and grace and extreme disciple that Catholic education provides their students, and it was not because they were any smarter or that the students weren't dealing with the same learning or emotional disabilities or handicaps. They were expected to behave and perform; and they did. I can't put my finger on what makes the difference - maybe Jesus makes all the difference! But it's there, its real, and I'm a firm believer in Catholic education.

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Thomas said...

Kudos to teachers for real. I taught high school Spanish for two months before I quit and started flying. It's tough work.

I linked to your blog from mine (it's new). Let me know what you think.