Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shits and Giggles

Recently, I got a promotion at work and moved into my own little place. I'll fly for a few more months, but as this transition takes place in my life... I'm less forthcoming about sharing it with all you. Having just deleted all my exes off facebook (and one totally threw a hissy!), I'm a bit less inclined to share my shenanigans with random cyber strangers or people who I don't actually talk to in real life. Moreover, I keep getting corporate reminders that anything said online is like saying it in person. While I refuse to say negative things about my company (for the record, I never even mention my airline), in my new position (which I feel funny talking about) I don't want any info out there or things I say to be misread.

I do, however, have this little story to share.

I recently worked the two day domestic trip - its on our Boeing 777 and not all domestic flight attendants are qualified to work this particular aircraft. I made friends with the crew, most of which I'd never worked with before. The service manager and I started joking around, referring to the aisle as a catwalk/run way... and before I knew it, just prior to landing I was working that catwalk, did a spin and stuck the landing like the gymnast I never was. I know none of the passengers were paying attention to me, but my burst of laughter that followed was hard to miss. Its just fun to work with cool people who are in it - the job, LIFE - for the shits and giggles. Lord knows that's what I'm after.