Saturday, January 19, 2008

Perhaps Chivalry Is Dead

As a flight attendant, there very few opportunities when someone is actually willing to help me with my bags. My roller weighs a metric ton with all of my sundry beauty products, a blow dryer, snow boots - you know, in case they send me someplace chilly. A few weeks ago, I flew with a straight male load that offered to put my bag in the overhead bin for me, and I just looked at him dumbfounded and confused. Its just not behavior that I'm used to from strangers.

This morning I was getting into the shuttle and there was a gentleman, with dreads, getting on as well. He was neither flight attendant nor pilot; as I was beginning to put my stuff in the back, he offered a hand which I greatly accepted. As we were getting in the van, post thanks, this was the conversation:

me: Such chivalry in the morning!
him: Yeah, it sure is chilly.

Do you think he didn't hear me? Or that he was completely unaware as to what, exactly, chivalry is? Amusing none the less.

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