Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Senior Mama!

So I was the load on the 7-5 for three days. Long time. Hotel in LA sucked. First crew was annoying. Had two male flight attendants try to give me their number... flew with a neub, which was annoying. I was annoyed because she had failed to do her homework ahead of time and did not know what her job was. Life on the aircraft is so much easier when people do their job. It also made me stop and acknowledge that I've been flying for almost four months! I am no pro, nor expert, but it showed me how much I've grown as a flight attendant. I almost felt senior.

On that 'ancient' note, the rumor mill about my airline opening a west coast base (LAX!) has been working double time. El Presidante has said it himself, #2 who was on my flight said it, they're telling people during the interview process, and with the new Dreamliners coming online... anything is possible. It would be a super senior base; here, I could enter the magical land of holding a line! Then again, would I leave Jersey? Maybe... but only if he was one hell of a kisser!

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