Sunday, August 1, 2010


So yesterday I hung out with a college friend of mine - let's call him Dr. A.H. He finishes up with med school and begins his residency sometime in the spring of next year. I was lamenting to him that everyone else is doing all these big kid things like getting married and buying houses; meanwhile neither of us have a significant other, nor prospects of one. Then again, our standards are a bit high - he wants someone who cooks and I want to be a kept woman, you know, those ones that do lunch. But we're also in places in our lives where its not exactly practical to settle down. His next "semester" is in Orlando and I find out on August 15th if I've been granted another job share and can start planning my move! It wouldn't be fair for either of us to pay mortgages on houses we don't live in or date people we don't actually see on a semi-regular basis. Someday. Maybe its sooner than I think...

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