Saturday, August 28, 2010

Like Justin, Been Sitting Here...

I've been sitting here for just over a week now. I'm still 100% crutch-ified and am not mobile on my own two feet. My best friend did come all the way from Rome to visit me; I got to go outside! I practically killed her with her allergies. Oops. I'm still a little sad that I can't go down the shore - no sand and no submersion for the foot. I'm surprised at how much I miss work; I miss my peeps.

It would have been nice of you to come and visit me too. Oh, and yes, that's my passive aggressive nature at its finest.

I found a language school! I'd like to get all excited and tell you all about it but I'm waiting to see if my jobshare request is approved for October.

Waiting to heal, waiting for September to come, waiting waiting waiting.

However, two boxes showed up for me today... I wonder what's inside! :)