Saturday, June 2, 2007


Alison and I have been friends for a decade. That means I met her sister when she was 11; she can legally drink now. Being in the city with the two of them was a fantastic way to kick start my days off.

Hilary's graduation ceremony was beautiful. Lucky for me, our alma mater is right in the PHL flight pattern. I got to watch the planes come in for two hours! Mainly all US Air, but there was one FedEx 747 which is always cool to see in the air. There were a few of my classmates in attendance; I no longer feel the need to see the rest of them for our 5 year reunion. Though I must admit, it's pretty cool to say "went to Copenhagen" when people asked me what I've been up to. (Yup... you're still jealous. No worries, I get my buddy passes once fall comes.)

Tomorrow, I embark on a four day domestic trip.
Details upon my arrival :)

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