Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't Call Me/Jew for Jesus

There were many memorable things that happened on these 6 days off and the following are clips of my favorite.

Scene: Allie, my cousin, and I have been drinking for three hours. We meet creepy guy at the bar and give him our numbers. Creepy guy walks away.

Allie: I can't believe you just gave him your real number.

Lysser: Fuck! But I don't think he'll call.

(he so totally called two days later and is so totally creepy... if you flip through the contacts in my phone, he's No.)

Scene: Jose and I are driving through Bayonne, NJ, on a busy, four lane highway at an intersection. There's a threesome of Jewish boys walking on the opposite side of our drag, complete with yarmulkes.

Lysser: Jose, look! There are your people.

Jose: *rolls down window* REPRESENT!

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