Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Left Coast Envy? Nah.

I just got off of an awesome four day trip with a great crew. Its fun flying the domestic pairings and getting a new load every day (a load is a fourth flight attendant on the bigger small planes). We had one crazy flight attendant who kept re-doing everything that I did. Like I would set up the cart, and she would adjust everything about it, rearranging things, etc. While we were filling out some paperwork, the first class flight attendant came back to give me something and she says to me, "he's so weird, don't you think?" and I was like "oh no! he's nice!". Then when we got off the plane, she said it was a pleasure flying with me and said nothing to the 'weirdo'. Our next load was more about the Jesus than Jews for Jesus. The third load used to teach hs history, and one of the passengers was a WWII vet who had freed people from concentration camps. She had a field day with him; I was also very honored to have served him. The final load we kept for the rest of the load-worthy planes. Her divorce was finalized while we were in Boston and we celebrated with Ben and Jerry's. I recommend the new Creme Brulee flavor - its fantastic!

As for the layover parts... if you're in the San Diego area, I would stay away from the Holiday Inn Bayside. I have one word for that: roach. Not in my room, but definitely in the hallway. I'm also mad at the USA Today for omitting the score of the Yankees/Boston game (free paper from the hotel... you get what you pay for... the 6-5 win was what we were missing). Pomegranate margarita, always a good time. Munich beer at Rock Bottom in Boston - the Lumpy Dog or something like that was also tasty. I decided I wanted to become a beer connoisseur; I think its a good skill to have once I start holding those Frankfurt and Cologne trips (ha! like I'm even internationally based). Had a hot dog from the Dog House in Quincy Market, which is my all time favorite hot dog. I also decided that I will be picking up trips based on baseball for the rest of the summer. Neither the Padres nor Astros were in town, but the SD trip was four days so I went with that. I wish we had the Philly layover in our pairings - then I'd be getting paid to sit in the box and drink free beer!

So tomorrow I'm heading to Portland, OR and then come back the next day. Very exciting. I was supposed to go to Vancouver, but I was bumped by a line holder. Someday that'll be me. This weekend I'll be out and about in my favorite city over here on the right side.

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