Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Co-workers Are Better Than Yours

Next time you're at work, peer into the cubicle next to you. Is there a Playboy Bunny sitting there?

I flew with a Bunny; she was almost 60, beautiful, and by far the most interesting flight attendant ever. She worked as a bunny in the LA club back in the day (she's been flying for 20 years). She met her Discovery Channel writer husband by writing him a letter when he was one of Cosmo's featured bachelors 15 years ago; at the time, he had received the most letters in Cosmo history. She's been on Oprah twice - for how she met her husband and to discuss his work. He specializes in tribes and is right now living in the Aleutian Islands, AK with the natives for two weeks. They've been to 28 African countries and she has stories like whoa. She had her own medical emergency; on her way to San Fran, her colon burst and they had to divert to Reno. For those of you who are Bee Gees fan, you know that's how one of them recently passed - diverticulitis. In terms of professionals, it occurs most amongst flight attendants due to the air pressure.

Now that the honeymoon period of flying is slowly becoming reality of my work place, I truly enjoy the company of flight attendants and hearing their stories. You never know who you're going to fly with, nor do you ever know who's going to be on your plane.

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