Saturday, May 12, 2007

23... That's Still Cute, Right?

Today, I officially turned twenty-three years old. Its practically been tradition that I have a shitty birthday; things just never seem to go quite right for me on my special day. There have been a few exceptions - like that year when my college roommates surprised me with a cake on RutgerFest, or when my boyfriend at the time drove two hours from his school to mine for birthday lunch. But this year was one for the record books and here's how my birthday celebration week went down:

Sunday - Bar Med, Crowley, UK with my crew... in a word, amazing. One of the guys knew the owner/manager person of the bar, so we got free drinks (okay, maybe the hot girls/birthday girl got free drinks?) all night long and danced up on the little stage next to the dj booth. I made eyes with a hot British chap on my way into the "lu" and his way out... one of your friends was wearing a Playboy shirt... you should call me...

Wednesday - one word: Grandma

Thursday - 1/2 price Sushi with JoeCo. Fantastic sushi.

Friday - Cold Stone Cake!!! Hilary's prom too... but mainly just the mint chocolate Cold Stone cake.

Saturday - yay birthday! Dinner at Outback. Shopping spree with my mom, and got to talk to all my favorite people.

I dunno, it may not sound like much to all you guys out there but it was just what I've always wanted. And as for tomorrow, we'll see what crew scheduling has in store for me. I didn't get the trip that I wanted this afternoon; but, last time that happened they sent me to London, so I'm hopeful. Always hopeful.

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