Tuesday, May 1, 2007

This Just In:

Tomorrow I will be sitting airport alert from 2 to 6.
(airport alert, aka: flying the couch, airport abuse, officially its AAA)

Now I have to pack my bag for 4 days and seasons, because they can send you anywhere in the world. Last time I had AAA, I got to board an aircraft for a crew that was late coming in from BUF. It was a FLL flight, full of all the usually characters; spring breakers, the couple looking for their kosher meals, pack of 14 yr olds that had never flown before and wanted to take my picture (that was a first, and last I must admit), screaming infants, and average business men in either Texas ties with cowboy hats or Armani suits with shoes freshly shined in the terminal. I suspect had the original crew not made it, I would have a fantastic story about the flight. Oh well, we'll see how tomorrow goes - you never know, now do you?

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