Wednesday, May 16, 2007

London, Part Two

London was fantastic. I loved every moment. In terms of my actual job, I did a much better job on the service; I was first class aisle again. My fellow co-worker in the galley was new too, which worked out well for him because we were both rather clueless. As a new flight attendant, the only thing I know for sure how to do is evacuate the aircraft; everything else is rather hit or miss. Going there things were kind of choppy and the service took a long time, but coming home we only had 7 people and the service was perfect. This is definitely my favorite position to work, and I hope someday you'll get a chance to fly with me and check it out. The best part of the whole service is definately the ice cream sundaes - bring your own M&Ms!

After we landed, I debriefed with the pilots til 1 in the afternoon. Then I took the train into Victoria and met up with Janel. We had an early dinner at a cute little Italian resturant (we're protesting the horrors that is British cuisine, including the mayo that comes with anything fried). We met up with the crew for a bit, but they wanted Indian food so we parted ways. Janel and I went to Marks and Spencers and I found the most perfect piece of clothing EVER and for those of you closest to me, call and we'll further discuss. You'll laugh when you hear, and I appologize for not being able to fully share the wonders that is British bras, on the internet, for anyone in the world to read.

Now, up until this point in the day, the weather was horrible. Rainy, chilly, and not tourist friendly. As soon as we were done in M&S around 7, the sun had emerged and we were off! We went to Buckingham Palace, walked over to Big Ben, and made our way over to Trafalgar Square. It was amazing; London is beautiful when the sun's out and you're not alone, not like last week. I can't wait to take Hilary - we'd have a blast!

That night back at the hotel, I met an economist named Jamie while the crew and I were down at the bar. He was very sweet, American, came complete with manners, and bought everyone drinks - charged to his company. He was talking about how he spends a lot time in London and was excited to sit down and talk to Americans. He said he hadn't been into London yet, and I told him he should go and then we discussed the glories of being in the airline industry. Out of all the professions, only actors, musicians, and athletes party harder or as frequently. I highly doubt there would ever be a "CPAs gone wild".

Fear not my friends, I made it to bed by 1 am, and was bright eyed and bushy tailed for our noon flight home. The only annoying thing about flying in the UK is that all liquids must be travel sized (the same rules passengers must follow in the states) and they apply to crew members too (same rules passengers must follow in the States. Annoying, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. There are some airports in the States where certain crew members or ramp workers are not required to go through security. I think that's not fair to those professionals who are out there everyday, or passengers who expect an achieved level of secuirty, and service, from the TSA.

The coolest part about this trip was that I flew with two female pilots, one captain and the other a first officer (she was the international relief officer) and of course another male FO. They were both cool and to see them in a tradionally male career made me feel all Susan B Anthony/Gloria Steinum. It was also nice to be with female not flight attendants. They have a different perspective on the industry and better stories. It was also interesting to me to see the differences between pilots on different planes. I hope I get to fly with everyone again - the whole crew was a blast to work with. I also hope I get to go to London again, and hit up the Tate Modern. I love how finally after learning about all these different places and all those annoying art history classes I get to go and see it all! And come the fall, you guys can come with me!!! Yay free travel passes and yay off-season tourism!!!


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Hi, I'm a stranger but I can't resist commenting. Love your stories but I have to say, I work with a bunch of CPA's and they're cooo-razy!

I'm jealous of your jet-setting ways. I'll be back to check out the blog so that I can live vicariously through you!