Thursday, May 3, 2007

What a Good Day!

Today was awesome!

So, when I was first assigned my trip, I was a bit apprehensive because it was an ORD turn with a 3 hr sit time. First off, the crew was totally awesome. I love pilots. They have the best stories. We left EWR, no problems, got to ORD and went to Chili's for dinner. We sat and talked for three solid hours and it was a blast!

The pilots had great stories. Our captain was there when they arrested Bobby Brown - flew to EWR from the Bahamas, trying to sneak back into the US to avoid his warrant (hello? you're Bobby Brown... I think at least one of the flight attendants is up to date on her People and/or trashy celebrity magazine). One was flying over Central Park at 0830 on September 11, 2001. Witnessed two different mechanical failures causing MD80's to drive into terminal C. Has flown Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, George and Barbara Bush; had Pat Benatar removed from his flight because she hit him. FYI - it is a federal offense to hit or abuse (verbally/physically) a flight attendant or pilot (eat that CPA's). I also learned that there are websites with the black box recordings of particularly amusing crash/accident/incident stories - try here and there for more info. (let me know if the links are bad/unamusing)

Now here's some trivia for you: Why are the Northwest tails red?
Back in the day, one of their planes crashed into snow covered mountains. At the time, their planes were a gray color and blended in. Once summer came and the snows melted, the rescue teams were astounded that it was there all along and said that had the tail been red, they would have been able to identify it faster.

One thing Capt. Tom kept emphasizing was keep a journal. Record your stories. Someday, when I'm a senior mama using the bar cart as a walker, I want to be able to share all the crazy, messed up things I've seen with the kiddies, grandkiddies, and even all of you. I must admit, this process is painstakingly slow and thus far the most insane thing I've seen has been poorly dressed trash in the MCO airport. Amusing, but highly unworthy of an entire blog entry.

Tonight's flight was average. I do wonder what these people are like at home though. Growing up, teachers would always say stuff like "you wouldn't do that at home" or "this is not your house." So when this lady says to me "well, I'll basically have a cup of ice, with a little bit of diet coke, and a lemon and a lime" it makes me wonder if that's something she keeps on tap in her fridge. Do you have lemons and limes in your fruit drawer right now? Why do you need both? You're not even getting an alcoholic beverage such as a gin and tonic, thus necessitating said lime. And a lemon?! I'm intrigued. Same with the breakfast drinks. Do you have a coke, coffee, and cranberry juice every morning AND all at once? Or are you just feeling fancy today?

Next time you fly, remember that we do talk about you (and some of us are mean and say bad things!). The best passengers are the ones who's faces I don't even recognize when they get off the plane. That means you were well behaved, didn't ring your button, and ordered the proper amount of drinks.

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Kelly A. said...

I make sure I say "thank you" a million times and always coach my children to get their trays down before you are standing there holding the drink over their heads. Will you not talk about me, please?

I feel for you. The people who act like they are entitled, the two citrus fruits at once kind, make me want to scream and I'm not even working the flight. "Make you feel fancy today." Too funny!

Shoot! Pat is a hitter and not a well mannered flyer? I love Pat!