Friday, May 7, 2010

You're embarrassing me...

Yes, well aparently I am embarrassing to myself.

This evening I was invited out to a house warming party. I was excited
to go and looking forward to the company and being with real German
people. So I get there and the first thing I noticed was a pile of
shoes in the hall equal to that of people there. Which means I'm going
to have to take off my shoes. I'm wearing socks, but like totally and
completely ridiculous socks, and now everyone shall see just how
obsurd they are. Awesome. Now without saying a word, I have just
become that girl. That American girl, that girl with the socks, that
girl who speaks piss pour German...

For those of you who have seen my sock collection or who know me well,
wouldn't expect anything less. And here is a snap shot of these
particular socks. In terms of my collection i feel as though they are
rather tame. Just not in a strange country, where I don't know anyone,
when I can barely get a few words out...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

German fashion sense is so out there, some funky socks are nothing to them--no worries!