Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Laundry... European Style

Being here in Germany, and Europe in general, is teaching me patients,
which clearly is not one of my shining personality traits. Prior to
arriving at the nunnery, I was aware that no one really has dryers in
Europe. And at the convent, that is most certainly a luxury they can
do without. Anticipating this to be the situation, I woke up early
Sunday morning and put a mini load of my underpants, socks, tee shirts
and pjs in the washer at 8:45. They were still spinning around at
10:40 when it was time to leave for mass! I got back from church
around 1 and hung everything to dry. It's now Tuesday morning and
things still don't feel exactly what I would call dry. And they're
stiff! I used fabric softener too! Oh how I long for that fresh dryer
sheet smell and feel of warm clean clothes straight from the dryer.

Americans are so spoiled. Enjoy your Maytags. I'll see mine in two

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