Monday, May 3, 2010

Nobody Told Me You Were a Sucker for a Kiss

Those of you who know me, know that I am an absolute sucker for love
stories, how we met stories, our first kiss stories. Someday if you
ask me I'll tell you the best of my stories - my first kiss!, how I
stumbled upon my college boyfriend, meeting Mr. Chicago (that was
recent... might be in here somewhere), the bidding war that ensued at
a kids with cancer fundraiser... I got some good stories. But these
two are good and I'm almost sad neither is mine.

So on average, there 12 students in my German class; two are native
English speakers, one's an Aussie, the other from DC. The Aussie is
learning German because he married a German girl LAST WEEK and cannot
work here as the trained engineer he is without fluency. He met her
down under three years ago, and he showed her his homeland and they've
kept in touch, coming back to one another over time and distance, and
now they are married. As Long Duck Dong would say, "Married?" "Married!"

Now the kid from DC, let's call him Chris. Chris is cute, pushing 6'2,
blondish hair, blue eyes. Well traveled, spoken, educated and 23. He
graduated from the college, got some desk job which he quit to move to
Germany, learn the language and give things a go with his girlfriend
of five years. She was an exchange student at his high school his
senior year and they've been going back and forth ever since. I'm so
upset that Chris is a dude and tells 'dude bro' stories because I'm
sure the cutesy details would make you gush for a week! All of this
leads me to draw the conclusion that true gentelmen, romance, and
courting are all very much so alive and real.

I'm waiting.

Und ich sprecke Deutsch in the meantime ;)

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