Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Eats!

Now that Joanna is here with me in Germany, we have been on a non stop
eating tour of everything and everywhere. On the 12th, we had Thai for
lunch, then ice cream because it was a bit spicy for yours truly,
followed by two big dark beers called Alligator at the Bavarian
restaurant, dinner at the Ratskeller which is one of the nicer joints
in town (I had pork roast with red cabage and J had schnitzel),
strudel for dessert, followed by a night of more beers. There are no
pictures of these particular culinary delights.

The next day was a national holiday and we purchased a Bayern ticket
for the two of us and rode trains all day for 28€. Our first stop was
in Donauwörth at a Greek Brauhaus and here are the two pictures, soup
and main entree. Amazingly delicious. Then in Nürnberg we just had hot
chocolate and a raisin pretzel. There was no need for dinner. And once
I get home, I'll be sure to post real pics. Make sure not to drool on
your computer screen!

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