Monday, May 17, 2010

What DOES Augsburg Look Like???

Maureen, quick look! A non-food photo!

This is a shot of the famous buildings of Augsburg, Perlachturm (tower, with church) and Rathaus (City Hall). They are in Rathausplatz, and below the building on the left is where we had my birthday dinner in the Ratskeller (Keller is German for cellar - crafty).

J and I were not alone and did not take pictures of dinner there... it was really good though. She had schnitzel with a cranberry sauce and I had pork roast with red cabbage, beer, and strudel for dessert.

And for those of you who are my friends on the book of faces, you'll find some more snap shots there... once I get around to loading them. It was my original intention to do it today at airport alert but my computer wouldn't connect to the wifi in the crew room and I was less than pleased. First day back at work and reserve still sucks. Germanic thoughts dancing in my head did make me feel better, and lit the fire under my tush to study harder!

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