Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How You Doing?

Dear 2B,

When you boarded the aircraft, there was a look. Witty banter ensued, cute I-was-on-a-business trip-in-Europe conversation... and oh how I was so not impressed the way you thought I was, you silly BusinessFirst passenger you. A Jersey boy, excited to hear I was from there too. It was nice.

We took off, I did some work. I wondered up to your cabin in between service, and you did it. You had not only taken off your shoes, which is understandable, but had also removed your socks. Deal breaker. You are no longer in the running for coveted "IFB" (in flight boyfriend), nor will you ever be. I won't slip you my number on a cocktail napkin, nor would I remotely even consider keeping yours. You have crossed the line and taken off your socks.

Its over.

Oh to what never will be!


PS - Eddie also said he saw you picking your nose. You're lucky I missed that one; I might have directed you to your amenity kit for a tissue.


JohninMRY said...


Jet Set Betty said...

ahhh how the "island boys" keep us going until they open their mouths... then crash and burn. tsk tsk

kmc said...

I was in 2B the other day and slightly worried. I did take my shoes off, which I do on most flights, but I did not take off my socks. I never would. Alas, I wasn't flying international, only domestic.

Krampus said...

Serious question, do you find it hard not to fall in love with passengers constantly?

Agreed that the removal of socks is a dealbreaker!

mariemcg6 said...

You are hilarious. Period.