Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiffany Key? Yes Please!

Many moons ago, when we lived in Lewisburg, PA, we lived across the
street from an antique store. I was obsessed with two things: the
postcards and the keys. I loved flipping through pictures of towns
past and reading the thoughts of people I would never know, who are no
longer with us. I also thought the old keys were beautiful and came
with so many questions. Why are they here in an antique store? What
did they once open? If I wear one as a necklace will it break my neck?
The postcards I studied in college (geography major, remember?); but
the keys - I have my own set now! The big cool old fashioned one opens
my room and the gate. The others open the main door and main gate.
Unfortunately for me, I can never get anything to unlock the first try
and stand for what feels like hours trying to open the door. And it's
loud too! I always make sure that I'm in and out at reasonable hours
because I know how awful it is that I can't even open the door quickly
or quietly. At least when I get my fancy Tiffany key for my birthday,
it will serve decoration purposes only!

And yes, that's my awesome bed spread with matching pillow case!

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