Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skin and Bones

As I have previously mentioned, I haven't flown this many hours since last summer. Since then I've dropped a few pounds and now can wear a size 2. I know its shallow and vain, but it sure is nice to see that little 2 on the inside of my pants. I can't see it, this is my body and it feels the same to me. I've been working out a bit so I feel healthier and it is far easier to lug my overstuffed bags through security and up and down the terminal. But last night en route to Geneva it dawned on me why the pounds have literally melted away: I had stopped flying! I wish you all could have seen the things I stuffed in my face on that plane. I was first class galley, which didn't help. I had a cashews, piece of garlic bread (YUM!), one of the veggie spring rolls with the sauce, pretzel bread, a salad with creamy dressing, a coach chicken (stir fry with rice, egg, and what looked to be broccoli and carrots). And a bite of brownie. And a handful of grapes. OH - and I had a half of a wrap before we took off. What makes eating on the airplane worse is that I ate all this between 8 and 11, and didn't sit down to have an actual meal. I only have one more "trip" (okay, reserve days that could equal a trip) and I know I won't plan out food to bring with me for 3 days. I think I'll make this my goal come May, when I head back out on line.

I did try to pick up Manchester where they have a microwave in the crew room. Instead, I got assigned this trip, with no microwave, and a kebab shop two blocks away. And with the Swiss franc the way it is, that's about all I can afford.

PS - When you spell check on a French computer, English is wrong. I appologize for any mispellings; you know, more than the usual.


The Friendly Skies said...

I completely agree... totally notice weight differences when I fly and when I don't fly. Good luck packing the food again, it's hard but I think it helps. :)

Jet Set Betty said...

Apparently you can lose weight by bringing a food bag and not icing the perishables correctly. Bring on the intestinal distress but hey my uniform is nice and loose now!