Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guten Tag! Tag Zwei

Greetings from old country! And let me tell you, this town is old
country. Church bells chime every fifteen minutes, stores close mid
day, and apparently nothing is open on Sunday. I walked all around the
city yesterday and it is beautiful here. As a lover of land use
patterns, and Europe, the landscape is much to my liking and I'm sure
things will only get better once I can talk to people. Auf deutsch.

My room is basic and clean; it's part of a nunnery. I'm not sure how
many sisters live here but their chapel is around the corner from my
room. Rosaries or daily mass is at 6 depending on the day. This
morning Sister Reggie and I went to church and it's nice to know that
bad church behavior is language-less.

To be a bit honest, I'm ready to get to class and to do some serious
homework and studying. It would also be nice to meet some people my
age who don't wear a habit...

So yes, I finally made it to Augsburg, Germany to learn me some
deutsch. I've been waiting so long to get here - since the winter and
delayed in Shannon. And now I have the next three weeks to enjoy,
learn, and drink beer!

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Christine Falk Dalessio said...

so glad you finally made it there! love every minute of it for me - my heart is a little "homesick" for my first home away from home... can't wait to hear all your tales when you return.