Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ich habe eine Blume!

Today, I took the tram to school with Yoko who lives upstairs, made
friends with the crazy Aussie who's German is about as good as mine,
and I bought a plant. My German is coming, slowly but surely, but I'm
happy to be here. I have such great freedom with my job and lifestyle;
I can't even begin to imagine what corporate America golden handcuffs
or settleing down feels like. It's finally beginning to sink in that
my life is far from the norm and just how lucky, how blessed, I truly

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Christina Baita said...

I am so excited for you. I am American and sure America is great compared to some places but my husband and I would love love love to live in either Italy or Germany. Heck, I think my husband would even take France now that he figured out that Paris isn't "France". LOL My cousin goes over there quite a bit to visit some American friends studying abroad that may have just never come back??

Enjoy your time, enjoy your like and enjoy Deutschland!