Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why Yes, I'd Love Cheese with my Whine!

So here is my story with an ending about how I'm stupid.

On Tuesday, after I got in at 4 am, they didn't call me so my roommate and I went to the mall. Retail therapy was fantastic and we had a blast spending four and a half hours shopping at the outlet mall with designer clothes for cheap. That night I got twelve hours of sleep, which was also fantastic.

On Wednesday, I called my grandmother who lives on Long Island to see what she was doing, which is always cooking, and to see if there was enough for three. Meaning I had pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy with Italian cookies for dessert that was ridiculously delicious, and made it home to my bed in South Jersey by eleven later that evening. There was a moment of stress there when scheduling called to release me for that day, tomorrow (which is today) and they were moving my assigned break from Friday to Thursday, meaning I go on call Friday and thereby eligible to pick up a trip for today (Thursday) for tomorrow (Friday). She sells sea shells by the sea shore, for sure.

So. Now. Today, I was online at 3:50, waiting for the window to open at 4 and I thought to myself I have a few minutes to see where everyone is transferring to, and then I'll navigate back to the open window page. Well. Because there were so many trips in open time, the page wouldn't load fast enough and I got timed out. More like I'm a moron for navigating away in the first place. So now there are a ton of double BOS turns and 8 leg one day trips worth four hours in open time and my four day with 34 hours in ELP and 18 more in SNA for a Sunday BBQ with SMH is completely out of the question. (I was waiting to see if I got the trip before I called you - I didn't, but I'll call you later... you probably have way more exciting plans than sitting around the OC for Labor Day anyways, like the rest of you reading this... Don't worry about me, I'm sure there will be some sort of parade in Bayonne... whah whah). The moral of this story is once you have logged on to the page, stay there!

On a lighter note, my 18 year old sister is laughing at Hannah Montana and this classic joke:
"Why was six afraid of seven?"
"Because seven eight nine!"

She had never heard it before. She's also been watching Disney Channel all day.

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Stephanie said...

a) i totally would have taken you shopping... cuz that's what my sunday is planned around (helloooo labor day sales!)
b) there is nothing wrong with the disney channel. i will publicly announce my love for high school musical, 1 and 2 :)

sorry it didn't work out xox