Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Flight of the Day

So, we left from Salt Lake on time, but there were thunderstorms in IAH. We almost had to divert to AUS for more fuel; I wanted to divert to have the lavs dumped because they didn't do it before the plane left from SLC. Not dumping the lavs is disgusting because it stinks like a porta potty, and in the galley which is where I sit and where your food comes from. Anyway, we arrived about twenty minutes late to find our next flight was delayed; we were supposed to leave at 8:50 pm, but left at 11 instead; we arrived at 3 in the morning. I think the hardest part of days like yesterday, well technically this morning, is that it wasn't a trip I chose to work and I'm still good for today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Argh. At least I broke my pay guarantee, and I have off on Friday to pick up my own trip for Saturday! Who knows what will be in open time... long BOS? LAX? SNA? SAN? SFO? YVR? Lord only knows.

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