Monday, August 27, 2007

The Wonders that is Airplane Food

Right now I'm sitting in Salt Lake City, which is on mountain time in case any of you were unaware. Like myself, when I was convinced we landed an hour early last night. The flight was uneventful, aside from this gentleman who came back to my galley about two hours into the flight, asking for whatever meal had been served. We had pizza and salad, I also gave him a water. He came back moments later looking for a knife to cut the pizza. He was lucky that catering didn't forget to give him a fork, let alone a plastic knife; he was less than pleased. He came back about fifteen minutes later with his rubbish (the other flight attendant was Australian!) and declared that the pizza was not edible. At 35,000 feet, what do you expect? It's airplane food; bring your own if you know you don't like it. Airplane food is one of those things that you either love and think it is a sophisticated delicacy (hello, gained ten pounds since March) or regardless of flight time you bring your own sandwich and bag of Doritos from home. And if you know you're going to be thirsty, invest in your own bottle of water. Maybe you can't bring yours from home, but Starbucks sells them and I won't take it away from you on the aircraft. I promise.

Right now there is a text message marathon going on amongst flight attendants warning our fellow attendants that in flight (aka the boss men/women) are conducting bag checks. This means you can get fired if they find the contents of the liquor drawer in your tote. I'm sure they'll write you up if you have a coke or a carton of milk in your bag too. I think its rather asinine that we have to be subjected to this. It means that there are flight attendants out there who do steal things from the cart, attendants that keep the $10 in headset money and there is no honor left for an honor system. Now, I understand having to switch to a vending machine for dollar beers as opposed to an open cooler with what crews deemed a donations box (and I will NOT reveal which hotel this can be found at). I'm just slightly disappointed in my fellow attendants for their lack of moral code and professionalism. This is why we have to check in before our flights rather than just show up at the aircraft when we're supposed to, like pilots. Clearly we cannot be trusted, like first graders when the teacher leaves the classroom. As long as I do my job and I do what I'm supposed to be doing, I have nothing to worry about.

ps - hi brie :) (that totally just made your day, I know it!)

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