Saturday, March 13, 2010

Turned and Hosed


Thursday night, post airport alert, I opted not to go down the shore to my best friend's house. I was afraid scheduling would shaft me. When I logged in at nine, there was nothing on my line. Scheduling did, however, call me at 3:53 am for a St Thomas turn that checks in at 6:35. In the morning. Oh high time turns, how I loathe thee. I quickly got changed, packed a lunch, and started to drive. One thing that I had forgotten was how cool the crews are on these trips. Its usually a group of people who live in, and more often than not are from, New Jersey. They're crazy senior, like 25+ years and are just worldly and knowledgeable on matters of life.

As a flight attendant, you definitely work harder on these trips. Going down flight time was 3 hours 15 minutes and coming back it was over 4. In block time (meaning how much the trip was worth from doors close to open again) the turn was worth well over 8 hours; had it been a consecutive 8, then we would have been entitled to crew rest. But no. We did get crew meals coming back which was nice, as it is considered to be international complete with international override (read: I get paid an extra dollar an hour as with all international trips). It wasn't all bad, I was just exhausted and didn't get to do anything that I had planned with my friends this past week or beginning of the weekend.

PS - I FINALLY got some sleep. Last night, I went to bed at 8:30 and slept til 5:30 and took a two hour nap between 7 and 9. So I'm feeling okay but will most certainly need another 10 hours tonight. I'm hoping to make it til 9:30 tonight!


Dear Department Stores and Panty Hose Manufacturers:

Hello, my name is Alyssa, I'm a flight attendant; I am a whopping 5 ft 4 inches (okay okay, on a tall day, maybe) and 120 lbs. Poor circulation runs in my family and with the added stress of constantly being on my feet and the extra g forces with flying, I'm in need of some serious support hose. So where are they? Hanes Alive? You're okay but you stretch out quickly, rarely can I find you in jet black in my size, and in all honesty they're almost too big to begin with. Why are you the only brand available? Where's market competition? I shouldn't have to buy a new pair every trip but I do - of the cheap stuff. I suppose its better than nothing but more options, that fit correctly!, should be out there. Especially in the winter when people actually wear hose. Little people need support too. Thank you.


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