Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Arrested at 10:10

I'm still in need of some serious sleep.

After I finished blogging my last post, I logged onto my company's crew communication system to see if I had been assigned anything. And indeed I had: airport alert at 10:10 am. I ran around the house packing a bag fit for Honolulu and Asia, which is what those four hours cover. I was in bed by 10, up before 6:45, out the door an hour later, in the parking lot with 25 minutes to spare and downstairs meditating (read: sleeping) before my alert time even began. Four uneventful hours later, I was on my way home again. Instead of napping, I took advantage of the beautiful weather we're having in Jersey and went for a walk.

Is 8 pm too early to go to bed? I hope I can make it til 9!

AND I'm good for two more days.

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