Monday, March 15, 2010

Basketball and Ketchup

As lent proceeds forth, I have to stop and take a look around my life and take some stock in who I am today. I've dated my fair share of men in my short 25 years here and in their own ways, each of them opened my eyes and heart to their worlds, interests, and even families. I have taken a piece of them with me and I would be lying if I said it hasn't changed me. Its because of you I listen to the music that I do, or put too much ketchup on everything, and now, its because of you that I made a bracket for this year's NCAA men's basketball championship. Even though you and I more than likely won't get a chance to discuss the merit of my bracket (and let me tell you, its one bad ass bracket), I enjoyed making it and am actually looking forward to seeing how good of a guesser I am. Will I actually watch the games? Meh, they might be on mute in the background while I study German or blog about my totally awesome job. But will I keep checking my ESPN app and pay attention? Absolutely. I stole your hobby, and I'm okay with that. As I'm sure Mr. Up Next will be too :)

And for those of you who are interested here are my Final Four picks: Kansas, Kansas St, Temple and Duke. I know, I sort of played safe plus I hate THE Ohio State and almost anything from Texas, especially those Long Horns. I would like to see Gonzaga beat Kansas St, but I don't think it will really happen; moreover, I don't think the Spartans have it in them to make it to the Elite 8. I'd rather Montana than Temple. I read that article in the USA Today about the married couple who plays for Montana and I really liked that story, but that most certainly does not parlay itself into skills on the court. Then again, this is college basketball where anything can happen.

PS - My dad totally just made his bracket too. Its on!

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