Monday, March 15, 2010

Fines for NJ Transit?

For those of you who live in the northeast, you're aware that we've been pounded by your standard issue nor'easter storm. It's similar to a hurricane, it has no name, and this particular storm at tornado force winds. As a result, a New Jersey Transit commuter train on the northeast corridor (NYC to PHL) was trapped, powerless, between stations for five hours and more details can be read here. In the aviation industry, that would result in a hefty FAA fine; so much so that Continental Airlines has announced that it would just cancel flights instead - that can be read here. So does that mean that NJ Transit has to pay up? Its the same people, lacking the same amenities in circumstances that are beyond their control and they're at the mercy of ATC, the airline, mass transit organization, Amtrak, and as always Mother Nature. Are the same rules and fines applicable to Greyhound or MegaBus or Bolt? I don't think its unreasonable to fine these public transportation operators should they fail to provide adequate emergency service, just as long as all mass transit operations are included.

As for you, fellow travelers, what's the deal with not bringing your own food? I always have at least a Special K bar in my purse and that's just when I go to the mall. Its either awfully brave or quite foolish of you to assume that an airline or train company can provide for all your needs, especially in the event of an emergency. So next time you head out there, pack a lunch, read the safety information card, and remember that you only have control over your actions and reactions.

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