Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Hire Anniversary

March 17, 2007 was my first official day I suited up and showed up and poured the cokes. My first assignment was airport alert, and I was then assigned a three day trip with layovers in Tuscon and LaGuardia (the crew hotel was across the street from Shea stadium). It was the most exciting and exhilarating thing I've ever done. I was the lead flight attendant, I got to make all the announcements and be at the top of the bar cart. This was also back in the day when we actually served people refreshments and meals. I remember sitting on the jumpseat thinking to myself - remember how cool you think take off feels, carry this with you. And I've tried hard to keep those first flight attendant moments in mind. Not like I've flown a trip recently, but still, I'm grateful.

When you're a new hire flight attendant, you're on probation. During this probationary period you frequently meet with your supervisor. I vividly remember being asked to show my supervisor all my required duty items during one of these meetings - my flashlight, cabin key, manual, alarm clock, pen, passport (both FAA and company required items). He took my passport and saw where I was born, Frankfurt. He said they were short on speakers, and asked if I spoke; I didn't. I thought I could never go to Germany (um, hello, you fly for free)... I thought I could never do something like that on reserve (the Frau at community college might agree, but I did indeed pass 101 with a solid B)... I thought I'd never have the courage to go alone, but I did two years ago and I do now. It takes me a while to get to places I'm trying to go, to accomplish my goals. There's even a Bright Eyes song about it - these things take forever, I especially am slow. Oh, but the adventures I've had, and oh the places I'm about to go.

Hopefully in a real seat.

Below is yours truly, circa March 2007. My hair is blondish now, my nails are natural. I have no idea where that watch is, and those heels were the best pair I've ever owned. The ear to ear grin, well, somethings never change.

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