Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Little Piece of Bavarian Heaven

Finally made to Germany, settled in with my host family. Going to school everyday and loving every minute of it. Today the weather was so amazingly beautiful, I went for my first run EVER. I ran. Ich bin gerannt. I did okay, considering I didn't have my inhaler. My knees have determined they do not like pavement, but could handle dirt paths and whatnot.

My only problem is that I keep taking two hour naps in the afternoon... Like today, I came home from school, ate lunch, did homework, and then went for my epic first run... And bam! Asleep for two hours. I didn't mind as much because I did make it outside to enjoy the sunshine. But now it's time for bed and I'll easily sleep til 6 when the sun comes up and doze for another hour.

All the sleep I can get, all the beer I can drink, fresh everything - fruit, meat, yogurt - that I can eat. And learning, something adults forget they love - okay well, at least this "adult."

Yep. Why I do declare: a little piece of heaven.

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