Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sometimes, Its Just Work

I just finished a five day trip. I liked day two (which technically was day one because it was the first flight I actually worked) because I got eat pancakes. From IHOP. With butter pecan syrup. I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of the trip. Then I spent two nights in RSW and one in TPA. Our hotel in TPA is amazing, especially compared to the one in RSW. It was nice going in and out of Florida because its sunny and warm there. This, however, was not a nice trip because I had packed sweaters as opposed to shorts. Shorts would have been nice. Rather uneventful trip... made a new f/a friend... I mean, how can you not make friends with someone you've just spent five days with? On our last leg, we had a really really new hire and she amused me greatly. New flight attendants usually do. Now I'm off to enjoy my Christmas with the fam. Merry Christmas!

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