Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Non Rev Like Whoa

As opposed to working flights, these past few weeks I've been non reving (traveling as a non revenue passenger) a bit and I have found some new pet peeves (surprise surprise):

1) Overly loud flight attendants. Imagine being squished between two ginormous people in the middle seat, desperately trying to sleep because you were up at the ass crack of dawn, only to have the flight attendant walking through the cabin every hour screaming "WATER? WATER?".

It was not okay.

2) Our flight time is scheduled to be ______. Excuse me, but what is our flight time? This is important to those of us trying to catch the shuttle home. Or if we would like to know for ourselves how much longer as opposed to having to hassle the flight crew with petty problems like "what do you mean four more hours?". When I'm the boss, I always make sure to announce flight time at least twice and if I have to guesstimate, then I do (no worries, I'm never ridiculously off, I just can't remember if its 38 or 48 minutes... or was it 28 minutes?).

3) The Flight Attendant Rumor Mill. Yesterday, I was hanging out with CP and all day long my phone was blowing up with this text: "new hire f/a (insert his real name here with employee number) wrote up his whole crew! watch out for this one!". Childish, considering I got a bunch of those, followed by one: "I was just at the training center with his classmates and it's not true. Careful not to crucify the innocent." Fun, right? A while ago there was a mass text going around that they fired a super senior mama for taking water and coffee off the plane. Not true. Also not true, a rumor about how supervisors can search your bags at any time. Fun right? Perhaps you can pass me a note between history and study hall...

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