Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Missing In Action

Whenever I'm scheduled to work, my mom always tells me "call me and let me know where you're going." I'm pretty good about letting her know where they're sending me and what I'm up to. Sometimes I forget. That elicits conversations that are along the lines of:

"Hey I just got back!"

"Got back from where?"

"Oh, I was in San Antonio. We left really Newark really early so I didn't want to call and then I forgot to when we got there. Now I'm going to Boston."

... or...

"Guess where I am?"

"Alyss, I have no idea."

~insert some random city here, you know, like Buffalo, Boston, Boise, Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Beijing, Belfast, Brussels, Bristol, Birmingham~

I know, you dig the alliteration. You're also jealous that I can go all those places on a whim, especially next week when the loads are light.

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