Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Can Be Heroes

The weather was crappy here in the NYC metro area; the city scape was a mere shadow in the dreary clouds. On my way to 'the office' I could see the gate where the infamous United flight departed from Newark. I made it through four hours of airport alert unscathed, and saw two of the largest shadows I will most likely see for the rest of my life. On a clear night, the lights representing where the towers once stood would have lit the night's sky like a Fourth of July celebration. Tonight in the erie, foggy, low lying clouds, it appeared as if the building's shadows were truly erected into place. Today is a day I think about every day when I go to work, and seeing shadows signified memories of what once stood only 6 years ago. I think it is important to stop and look around to make sure that we are living in the best world that we can create for ourselves. There were many lessons that came today, and I believe the most important to be living a good life and enjoying each moment as they come and pass.

And I always give the soldiers free beer on my flights; there's no one else who deserves it more.

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Laurie M said...

Good post. It's always a rather somber day. Especially in the airline business.