Monday, September 24, 2007

Toronto turn... Whah whah

Clearly I received nothing from my airport alert, and did not pick anything up from open time because I refuse to pick up a turn. I sat all day today, literally; and was assigned a YYZ turn tomorrow evening. And here is why turns frustrate me:

First of all, I have a pay guarantee. I'm going to get paid a set amount of hours regardless; its the per diem I'm after, which we do not collect on turns.

Second, it takes a long time to look all pretty like a flight attendant. At bare minimum, like putting my makeup on in the crew room minimum, I can do it in 35 minutes. I prefer to take at least an hour, two if I can make lunch to take with. Since I'm not actually going anywhere tomorrow, I have to unpack my suitcase so I can use it to roll my tote and not feel like I'm packed for a six week European vacation.

Third, I have no control over the shuttle. It leaves the Bay every hour and picks up at the airport on the half. So for my 1620 check in time tomorrow, I have to take the 1500 shuttle. Moreover, the last one leaves at 0030, so if you miss it you have to call for a cab and Lord only knows how long that will take, or who you're going to get. At least I know the shuttle drivers.

Finally, turns frustrate me because I don't actually get to go anywhere. Please, send me someplace. Let me sleep in a hotel and not feel forced to make my bed, turn the thermostat down to 67 degrees, order room service, whatever. Alas, tomorrow evening I'll be right back where I started, wishing every moment I was with you :)

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mr. mortified said...

hey alyssa,

i just discovered your link to mortified on your blog. that's so great to discover! we are very flattered and amazed when we discover people like you.

as such, we'd love to treat you+1 to a show one night... and in the city of your choice given your seeming job mobility. that said, our la events are more or less our flagship productions with lots of fun stuff. highly recommended.