Friday, September 7, 2007

Take a Risk, Take a Chance

We all know my drill. At four pm the day before I'm scheduled to work I'm eligible to pick up a trip that is in golden open time. Today I was going for the three day IAH run: one leg to IAH, EWR turn, and one leg back home staying at the nice hotel downtown. No such luck. Then there was this five day in special line holder non-golden open time, so I decided to call and see if scheduling could give me the trip. No dice. I was informed, however, that in order for the rest of the good trips to drop into reserve open time that all the days trips must be picked up first. Meaning if 5 people didn't pick up the random Florida turns, the rest of us weren't getting nothing. I figured I was in the clear because I was request no preference and in the middle of the list. Wrong again. So now I will be sitting airport alert from four to eight on my big Saturday night that I should have been in TPA or LAX or SEA. Somewhere. Anywhere but the crew room.

Its not like I can really complain; after all, I did just win $180 in Vegas.

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