Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Working a Vegas flight is exactly what you think it is. It tests your patients and skills as a flight attendant. Passengers are needy, they want to get hammered before they get there, and there is a general feel of rowdy-ness. I decided when I was assigned my Vegas two day (one leg there, 20 hours, one leg back) that I was going to be excited and embrace the horrors that is working said flight. To the point where I was singing "Viva Las Vegas" on the van ride over, in the terminal, on the plane, etc.

The flight there was by far one of the best domestic flights I have ever worked. Why? Because it was full of foreigners that had manners. Cheese Pizza? Oh, yes please! Can I get you something to drink? May I please I have a water with gas? No one was trying to get tanked, no one dinging the bell, nothing. It was the most well behaved flight ever, more so than the nice businessmen going back and forth to Boston. Everyone sat nicely in their seats for four and a half hours and wasn't like work at all.

Then there was the part about me winning $180.!

On the way home, we weren't even full! Mostly everyone was well behaved, aside from the one lady who had no control over her two year old. There was this pack of boys who I'm sure caused a scene on the way over, but were nice and hung over on the way back and just wanted extra beef and Swiss sandwiches. I'm sure they were thinking what happens in Sin City stays in Sin City. Very quiet and uneventful, which is oddly relaxing and unusual at work. Most definitely no complaints here.

Now I'm just hanging out, waiting to see if they forget to add my name to the list so I can go home to the South Jersey. Going down the shore tomorrow, and running errands Friday. And then its back to the plantation, as my roommate would say.

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