Saturday, April 28, 2007

I take it back!!!

Okay, so in reality I was excited to go to MCO because I'm still new and love it, and I was working with the same girl from yesterday who's a new reserve like me. Very cool and way fun.

However, you are not allowed to fly when you forget a required duty item such as your ID. The only reason why I didn't get a missed trip was I made it passed security with a gate pass and my drivers licence. Technically I wasn't supposed to be in the crew room without my ID, but I went down anyway where I was told that I would be removed from duty for the day. At least it wasn't a missed trip; those are very bad - it's when you just don't show up at all. So I have the rest of the day off, and I'm still good for four.

SMH - I would fall over if scheduling sent me to LA, and if they ever do you will most definitely be the first to know.

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