Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All I want is to find my peace of mind.

Today, like so many other flight attendants on reserve, I waited patiently for crew scheduling to call. I was only good for today, on the request to fly list, with a day off tomorrow. Needless to say, scheduling did not fulfill my request to fly (not even a turn!) and I've been sitting on the couch reading, watching TV, surfing the net, and eating all day. Fortunately, my middle-aged roommate from Africa is here so we've been conversing all day. She has great stories, an awesome point of view, and a long list of places to visit. Once I realized that I'd be stuck here again tomorrow, I decided to take a day trip. Therefore, tomorrow I'll be in Quincy Market enjoying fresh clam chowder and wondering around Harvard's campus as opposed to sitting here, collecting dust in Jersey.

PS - If you are interested in reading more about the crazy personal lives of flight attendants, pick up a copy of "Confessions from the Jumpseat" by T. Wendy Williams. I'm in the middle of it now, and not only is the plot line absurd, its true. Far more interesting that my measly day trip to BOS, that's for sure!

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